Armenian Genocide Losses 1915

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Question: What were the major constituents of the monetary harm presented?

Answer: It was the accumulated sum of:

1) The 1919 Paris Peace Conference monetary reparation claim of 19,430,983,000 francs, using today's value, plus interest

2) The value of gold from the auctioning of Armenian property amounting to $22M in 1916, using today's value, plus interest

3) Loss of mineral (excluding gold and silver) exports from 1919 landmass claim, based on today's values

4) Total value of gold and silver visible and estimated reserves in the 1919 landmass claim, based on today's value

5) Loss of agricultural exports from the 1919 landmass claim, 1919 to present

6) Total projected mineral reserves on 1919 landmass claim

7) Baku-Tbilisi-Cayhan Transit Fees across the 1919 landmass claim

8) Kirkuk-Cehan Transit Fees across the 1919 landmass claim

9) Loss of individual family real estate value across all of Anatolia

10) Lost patrimony, post 1919 Paris Peace Conference: Nakhichevan, Artsakh, Surmalu, Kars, Ardahan, Smyrna, WWII Varlik Vergisi, expulsion of Anatolian Armenian post-1923, losses in Kessab 2014, etc.

11) Cattle and sheep (animal husbandry) losses estimated 1919 to present

12) Loss of agricultural exports and internal consumption, 1919 to present

13) Loss of hydroelectric power generation, estimated to present

14) Accumulated oil extracted from the 1919 landmass claim, plus current estimated potential

15) Current estimated potential of off shore Eastern Black Sea oil reserve, associated with the 1919 landmass claim

16) Off shore (Mediterranean) gas potential, associated with the 1919 landmass claim

17) Current accumulated Armenia import and export overhead loss by not having a sovereign Black Sea port

18) Cost of resettlement of approximately 400K refugees in Armenia post-1918, not including Near East Relief contributions

19) Benefits to US, UK, Israel, Turkey, Russia, France, Italy, and the world community of delaying resolution of the Armenian Genocide (land swaps, military expenditure savings, trade and investment deals made in exchange for delaying and denying justice to the Armenians)

Note: No attempt was made to estimate a monetary loss for the 1.5 million individual lives lost.

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Question: Why have losses in other areas of Anatolia not been considered, such as Konya, Ankara, Istanbul, etc.?

Answer: While losses in these areas are real and exist, the current estimate is based on the 1919 Paris Peace Conference landmass claims and subsequent post-1919 loss of patrimony.

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Question: Why hasn't the Armenia-based research team not considered wider issues, such as the role of non-state players who influenced the Young Turks into adopting a proto-fascist ideology?

Answer: The purpose of this site is not to add to the field of genocide studies, per se. This effort is not associated with proving, uncovering, or presenting evidence of the genocide of the Armenians, nor is it a claim against the spectrum of those responsible for this genocide. The numbers and legal description is provided as a reasonable reference for an informed discussion of the harm and breadth of remedies for this massive crime against humanity.

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